Amanda + Rich Portrait Film

By June 17, 2013News

I always love watching a couples’ portrait film because it gives an insight as to how they met and what they’re all about. Amanda has a silly, funny personality while Rich seems like a sweetheart with a sense of humor. I love how the video starts off with a game show themed questionnaire that Rich clearly failed at. They met at a St. Joe’s college orientation and they happened to be in the same group. Amanda was star struck when she saw Rich and knew automatically he was going to be the man she ends up marrying. I thought it was cute how she told us that after the orientation was over she was scared she would never see him again. But her wish came true and Rich proposed to her in the freezing cold and she almost was looking over the fact that he was proposing! Either way, this couple is such a joy to watch and hear stories from because you can tell by the way they look at each other it was really meant to be.

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