Anna Maria + Todd ‘Feel Again’

By July 29, 2013Flixfolio, News

This same day edit was the perfect thing to show at the reception of Anna Maria and Todd’s wedding day. Before most weddings the bride and groom give each other a little surprise gift and a card to go along with it. I thought it was so sweet that Todd made his gift meaningful by putting flowers in a box that plays their song. It was so cute that he was calling her on the new phone he bought her too. A word from the parents of the bride is always something that is so heart felt and you could tell that Anna Maria’s parents were so overjoyed that their daughter is finally getting ready to start the rest of her life with the man she loves. This couple seems so up beat and in love and it really shows through the video. Throughout the whole thing they both have smiles on their faces. Her lace ballgown dress was absolutely gorgeous and I’m sure she felt beautiful on the most important day of her life 🙂

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