Asbury Park Shoot ‘She’s A Rainbow’

By July 15, 2013News

We moved in recently to a brand new space in Montclair NJ. I was trying to decide what images we should put up. We have worked with so many talented photographers that all sent us some really images! But, I wanted our walls to match our Mid-Century themed space. So, I contacted a good friend, and amazing photographer Stephanie Sherwood to create a stylized shoot. Her work is fantastic, and we were totally pleased with the results. But, not to stress we still have space for the great images that we received 🙂 So, we absolutely love Asbury Park. For me it was exactly what we were looking for! We had great help all day from Brendan McNamara. He filmed every location, and carried a huge red chair onto the beach. We got the furniture from this awesome spot in Montclair- Edge Mid-Century Furniture. Hot Mess Studio in Asbury Park did all the girls hair. Stephanie’s sister Jesi and a good friend of mine Christina did the make up. Our two brides Gabriella Kotelnicki and Elizabeth Dina just brought this era to life! And of course having my wife Kristina Ferriero modeling, and having fun with this shoot made me very happy! The most important thing to me was for the walls to capture some my favorite things-The Rolling Stones, The Mid-Century retro era, two of my favorite brides Elizabeth & Gabriella, and of course my wife Kristina. Here is a little snippet from our amazing day.
~Peter Ferriero

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