Guest Blogger: Nicole of Nicole + Anthony, ‘Did We Get The Same Card?’

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From the moment we met Peter, we knew he was the perfect person to film our wedding day- and he did not disappoint! When we received our highlight film, besides the shrieks of pure excitement, we couldn’t stop watching it or showing anyone and everyone we knew. Whenever we watch it, we can’t help but shed some happy tears at all of the wonderful things our family had to say that day. Our wedding day flew by, so the moments that Peter and his crew captured on our highlight film were so touching and so wonderful to relive. They truly captured the essence of our love for each other, our family and friends, and we will forever be grateful to Peter and his crew for allowing us to watch those moments over and over again. We were so fortunate to have the opportunity to work with Peter and his amazing crew, and will continue to recommend them to all that we know!! Thank you a million times for doing such a fantastic job!!!


Guest Blogger: Leann of Leann & Justin ‘Butterflies’

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Four minutes is such a small amount of time. That’s it’s, not easy to accomplish much. Some how I would say by pure genius, my wedding day was compressed into a four minute time capsule. Planning a wedding takes an excessive amount of time and energy, and you are expected to take it all in and enjoy it all in one short day. From the first time till now, every time I hit play on my highlight film my life slows down, my heart races, I get ‘butterflies’ all over again and for those four minutes I am taken back to my wedding day! I never thought it would be possible to relive the past but some how with PF Film’s amazing talent nothing is impossible!