Chris + Kristen Portrait Film

By February 12, 2012Flixfolio, Latest Flix, News, Portraits

The First Dates. The Proposal. The Wedding. The Vow.

On February 4th, Peter and Nick went to NYC to shoot a portrait film for soon-to-be Mr. and Mrs. Chris and Kristen Irving. They were engaged in Gramercy Park and Chris had a rich story about how he had made up this whole ordeal about an art party on the roof of the Gramercy hotel, and all the hoops he had to jump through to get into the (very private and difficult to enter) park. Then, once they were in the park and after he proposed, they weren’t able to get out because you need a key to exit as well. Great story, great couple, super fun and light-hearted. While we weren’t able to get into the park for the shoot, we got some great scenic and dialogue shots in the surrounding area and picked up some great eats at Eataly.

After traveling through Midtown, Chris and Kristen invited us back into their lovely apartment where they talked more about the upcoming wedding (June 23). Aside from Peter almost getting his hand removed by their friendly but protective dog, it was a great shoot. The portrait was edited by Nick.

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