Diana + Jason ‘For Those Who Do Not Know…’ Review

By July 23, 2013News

This new highlight that we filmed on June 2, 2013 was one of the most emotional highlight films. In the beginning of almost every video, we watch the couple read their cards to each other and open their gifts before the wedding. Of course, every bride gets a little choked up when reading what her husband to be wrote to her. What was different about this video that I loved the most was when Jason was reading Diana’s card to him. Her card was so meaningful that he was at a loss for words. This made me get choked up along with him. There’s no better way to capture emotions in the moment than a PF Films production. Everything they wrote to each other had so much love behind it. It’s quite interesting that Diana mentioned they have the same birthday! Now that’s a match made in heaven. It’s such a beautiful thing when two completely different cultures come together on this special day to join their loved ones in marriage. Diana’s parents were so cute walking her down the isle because you could just see everything they were feeling from their facial expressions. The song in the video was absolutely perfect in capturing this moment. It went along with all the happy guests and family members dancing as well as watching Diana and Jason take their wedding photos together. Diana and Jason seem to be so in love and I’m sure they are going to live happily ever after.

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