Diary of a Bridesmaid

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When you hear the word ‘bridesmaid’, you generally get two reactions: pink-unicorn-glee or fiery-red death stare. What’s the problem with being asked to escort your best gal pal on the biggest day of her life? Unfortunately, the list of reasons never ceases to amaze me. Sure, one should be flattered to be given such a role but couples remember: these are supposed to be your friends!¬†

I was recently asked to be a bridesmaid in a good friend’s wedding. No reason to lie, I was psyched to get the invite but a strong visceral reaction followed after. How much would this cost? Would this be another bridezilla? Am I going to get stuck in a tacky dress that ‘no, I will never wear again’? At some point, or many points, will I begin to feel more like the hired help and less like a go-to girl? Luckily, the reaction turned out to be more like indigestion and less like bridesmaidphobia.

No worries from me about this wedding. I have a bride who favors the simple vintage touches and steers clear of drama, one who treasures her friendships over wedding ‘perfection’. How do I know she cares? Check out the DIY ‘Will You Be My Bridesmaid’ invitations sent to my home. No bridezilla would take the time to dress all her bridesmaid paper dolls! That paper doll dress, by the way, is a swatch of fabric for us to take to whatever store we want to pick out whatever dress we want. It takes a fairly confident bride to allow each girl to pick out a dress that fits their individual style and budget- obviously our amazing sense of fashion helps! It’s not that she is being reckless when it comes to laying out a ton of money on a once in a lifetime event, she has just chosen to remain passionate about the marriage foundation: treasuring the experience with her future husband and giving her family and friends a relaxing, beautiful atmosphere.

Don’t get me wrong, we expect to have a list of things to do up to the moment the bride blots her lip gloss before strolling down the aisle. But, I can assure you, when all the pictures have been taken, cake eaten, and one two many drinks drunk, our initial ‘Will you be my bridemaid’ reaction will long be forgotten.

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