Double Wedding Weekend

By February 29, 2012News

This last weekend was the first (and second) wedding shoot of the season for PF Films. It’s now Wednesday and I’m still tired from the two excitement-loaded days. It started Saturday with John and Kathryn (you can view their Portrait Film here) who were a fun young couple from the Rutherford area. All I knew about them in advance was learned from editing their tailgate-partying Portrait Film – it was safe to assume the wedding was going to be a great time, and it was. Peter and I started filming at the Bride’s parents house, while Eric was with the Groom. The service was a traditional Catholic wedding in the beautiful Sacred Heart Church and the reception was at Maritime Parc in Jersey City. It was a great way to start off the season. The footage we captured was stellar and I’m thrilled to get working on the edits. Photo to left by Kat Harris.

After a few hours sleep we got up and did it all over again. This time the couple was Tori Ann and Michael and the wedding was of Greek Orthodox tradition. I started with Eric and the Groom this time around and we headed over to the very vibrant Saint George Greek Orthodox church in Clifton. It was very interesting following along with the ceremony. I’ll talk more about that when we post the highlight film though. The reception was at The Westmount Country Club which blew me away. There is nothing like desserts on fire when it comes to great material for cinematography. Photo to right by Desiree Martin Del Campo.

-by Nick

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