‘Dreams Do Come True’

By June 14, 2013News

There is no better quote to start off this highlight video of Kim & Saleem’s wedding than the Dr. Suess one. It really gives us an idea of what Kim & Saleem are about. Immediately following that, we jump right into the vows. I love that they wrote their own vows because it just makes it that much more special, judging by the look on Kim’s face when he reads his vows to her. Everything he said was so sweet and brought tears to not only Kim’s eyes, but mine, too! I always love watching the bride get ready before her big day because you can just feel the anticipation and excitement not only from her but from her friends and family as well. Watching their first dance, first kiss, and the first time he sees her in her dress are the three best parts of a wedding. I’m happy I got to see them experience their firsts together and knowing they have this on film to see years down the road is also an exiting thing. Without a doubt, the ending where the best man makes his speech is absolutely hilarious. His song dedicated to the couple was definitely original and will never fail to make Kim & Saleem laugh no matter how many times they watch this. This highlight was definitely a great first highlight film of 2013 and I can’t wait to share more with all of you!

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