Guest Blogger: Cristina of Cristina + Craig ‘You are my Rock!’

By December 2, 2013News

From the moment we met Peter, we knew that he was a must-have for our wedding day. He had a way of sharing an excitement for our wedding that we hadn’t experienced with other videographers. Peter enjoyed hearing our love story and remembered to capture so many things in our video that we shared with him when we first met. I knew we had to book him especially when we watched some of his previous highlight films and I found myself crying and becoming so captivated, when I didn’t even know who the people in the videos were! Peter and his crew have a true talent. They knew exactly how to portray parts of our wedding day that we would have had no way of experiencing. It was so nice hearing our loved ones share their excitement for our marriage and to watch everyone have so much fun at the reception! The day flew by extremely quickly and it has been a thrill to re-live some of the moments from our wedding! I love that we can watch our wedding video whenever we want to go back to that day. It was a privilege to work with the entire crew and to have PF Films share our wedding day with us! Their work is more than we could have ever hoped for and we feel truly blessed that they could be part of our wedding.


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