‘I Do Do’ Review

By June 4, 2013News

Going through all the videos created here at PF Films, it was hard to choose a favorite.  Every video captures the personality and love that each couple has.  The most recent video ‘I Do Do’ kept me laughing.  From the fun, bubbly personality Jenna has to the hilarious speech Jason’s twin gave at the reception, every important detail of the wedding was captured.  You can clearly tell that these two are made for each other by the way they smile and laugh together!  Their friends and family seemed like they were having  great time dancing and laughing as well.  As soon as I saw Jenna in her dress I was stunned!  She looked absolutely flawless from head to toe and the scene where she’s sitting on a chair behind opening doors is absolutely perfect.  Everything from the contents of the video to the way it’s edited makes it so enjoyable to watch.  The song definitely gives it a fun vibe, which I think the bride and groom give off as well.  ‘I Do Do’ is going to be so fun for Jenna & Jason to watch years down the line and remember what a beautiful day starting your life with someone can really be.

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