Jaimee + Ed “The Easiest Decision”

By November 7, 2013Flixfolio, News

On a particularly hot day in July, the PF Films team arrived at Mallard Island in Long Beach Island for what would turn out to be quite a memorable day. Our mornings typically follow a similar structure, the excitement begins when we first see the faces of the bride and groom, and then builds as we begin to interview family members and friends. From there, the outline of the day, as well as the story of the future feature film, begins. However, today an additional story arch began to present itself – a massive coordinated dance involving the entire bridal party, led by the incredible moves of Jaimee + Ed. From those very first glimpses of the bridal party members practicing their choreography, the excitement and emotion just continued to build and build. The day continued with an emotional first look, unforgettable vows, and tear-jerking parent dances that actually required me to take a breather while editing (As evidenced by my texts to Peter “I’m really having an emotional crisis with ‘I Hope You Dance’ right now”). In our eyes, at PF Films, the prevailing emotion we feel in the film making process is a sense of privilege. We are privileged to tell these stories, and that’s exactly what I felt as I re-lived all the moments from Jaimee and Ed’s wedding. Their laughter and joy, the love and friendship they so deeply shared, was so contagious that I once again, sitting at my editing station in a cold november, was back at the beautiful Mallard Island, on a particularly hot day in July.

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