Jenn + Leo

By April 23, 2015News

Magical has been the only way to describe Jenn and Leo’s connection ever since their first date.

The couple was set up through Leo’s cousin, and before their first date they had never met face to face. They were engaged in Leo’s kitchen, which is where he got ready for his big day.

Jenn and Leo surprised everyone on the day of their wedding, with their calm and collected demeanor. They were both just so excited to be getting married, and to have the day to celebrated with beloved friends and family.

They had a beautiful ceremony at the Florentine Gardens in River Vale, New Jersey. The staff did a wonderful job preparing the venue and facilitating the event. Tina La Morte of Oh So Fabulous did a wonderful job planning the wedding. Everything was absolutely exquisite.

Desiree from dMdC photographed the event, and captured some fun, intimate, and tear-jerking moments with us!

Jenn + Leo (Sneak Peek)

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