Kristeen + Kash ‘For Better’

By August 21, 2013News

When I was watching this video, one of the first things I automatically loved about it was her parents talking about their daughter. Her mother is extremely exited for Kristeen while her father reminisces about the times they shared when she was younger. Throughout the whole video Kristeen has a smile on her face and you can tell she is the happiest she’s ever been. When Kristeen and Kash see eachother for the first time, she started to tear up which made ME want to tear up! I feel as if the vibe of their whole relationship is based on the kind of friendship every couple should have before they realize they are meant to be, and both their families know it. They had such a gorgeous wedding and I think Kristeen and Kash are going to live a beautiful life together as lovers and friends.

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