‘Little Treasure’

By June 10, 2013News

This highlight film was too cute! Amanda and Rich are the sweetest couple. Amanda seems to be a quirky, loving woman and Rich’s sweet, gentle demeanor is a great balance. I love how her father gives a funny speech that has Amanda laughing and tearing up. This highlight film really captures the intense love these two have for each other. They’ve known each other for 10 years so you know their feelings are super strong for one another.  The look on Rich’s face when he sees Amanda for the first time had me tearing up. He saw his beautiful bride and was speechless, a reaction that every woman hopes her husband to be will have. Amanda didn’t seem too nervous, she seemed super exited. Good thing everything was on schedule for her so she had nothing to worry about. All in all this highlight film shows how exited these two were to finally be getting married after a whole decade of knowing they were going to be together forever.

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