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Hello Happy Couples!

We have been lucky enough to be a part of some pretty stylish weddings- so why not share all the details that made it so awesome! We would love to showcase what makes you, as a couple, pretty cool and how that will contribute to the overall theme of your wedding. Let’s make our blog super snazzy by having you contribute some touching, quirky, and hilarious moments that scream: YOUR RELATIONSHIP! Tell us a little bit about yourself. Feel free to include anything about how you met, the dating process and engagement, the sentimental and crazy moments of wedding planning, and some cool details about your future nuptials. If wedding planning has your mind going in circles and thoughts are hard to come by, check out mine below!

From the bride and groom…

There was a moment before Corinne and I met when we both were wandering post-college waiting for something magnificent to happen. Strangely enough, it took sliced Italian cold cuts to bring us together.  I had been working at a local deli and had taken to busting one of my co-workers about his good- looking sister. After mustering up enough courage, the call was made and a semi –blind date was spent sipping passion tea and eating chocolate biscotti.

As a small side note, Corinne and I are both from the same small town which is nearly a square mile, we shared the same mutual friends and competed in the same junior athletic leagues – yet never knew each other until we met that night.

After five years, there was small talk of marriage, mostly the two of us agreeing that we wanted to. I made it no secret that I was shopping for an engagement ring – but it was important to me that Corinne wasn’t involved in the process. We are very lucky to have dined in some of the best restaurants around the country and it was no surprise to me that my wife had a little bit of a chef crush on Eric Ripert of Le Bernardin. Naturally, when I had negotiated a way to have Chef Ripert make a tableside visit just prior to popping the question, I was a tad bit worried she might just run off! When he first walked by the table, Corinne’s response was, “Oh, he’s so gorgeous”, which I followed with, “I’m doomed”. Well neither of us have any recollection of what we said to Chef when we met him but just after he left and my emotions could no longer take it, I dropped to one knee, instantly welled up and asked Corinne if she would “dine with me for the rest of our lives”, she said ‘yes’, we cried and then enjoyed the meal of a lifetime.

 From the second I said ‘yes’, I knew that I could not wait to get to the moment when I said ‘I do’ to my best friend. We both knew that the over-sized chandeliers, mismatched carpets, and funny angel wallpaper found in the majority of New Jersey wedding locations was not our ideal so we ventured outside the expected. We both envisioned a relaxing atmosphere centered around family, friends, and amazing food. Once we met Teri Lands of Main Street Catering at the Inn at Fernbrook Farms, everything fell into place.  

After spending months gathering vintage jars and bottles, perfecting DIY projects made from recycled barn doors, windowpanes, and old bike frames, and brewing and bottling our homemade beer, our day had finally come. Our vision of romantic candlelight, fresh garden flowers, and endless dancing played out in front of us. It was amazing that we had the wedding that we always dreamed of going to and in the end we were able to share with our guests who we are as a couple and how we want the rest of our life to be: free-spirited, well-fed, and always celebrated.

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