Michela + Beniamino ‘Today is a Good Day’

By September 6, 2013News

Michela & Ben’s wedding on June 23 was such a beautiful one with a great highlight film to go along with it. You can tell that this family if full of love and Michela & Ben are going to live a wonderful loving life together. I love this video so much because it is so family oriented and Michela’s parents are so emotional.  I always love the part when the couple reads eachothers cards. Every time without fail the bride or groom, or both, get choked up when reading it. I also always look forward to when the bride’s father sees her for the first time and walks her down the isle. When he saw her he was at a loss for words because he never imagined his baby girl would look so beautiful. When he walks her down the isle to Ben, it is such a beautiful moment. You can tell that he is happy to be giving his daughter away to a great man. Michela looked absolutely gorgeous in her lace dress and I’m sure everyone can agree with that.

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