My Highlight Film has Arrived!

By August 30, 2012News

Love birds world-wide, the moment has finally arrived: my highlight film is ready! The emotions leading up to pressing play were quite overwhelming, enough to make me hold off ( only for a few seconds mind you)! Fleeting thoughts like ”what if I look horrific or people look as if they aren’t enjoying themselves, or even worse, what if I remember the event totally different.” Those feelings only lasted moments because in my heart, I knew the boys at PF Films would capture us in our best light.

I cried, not because I was sad, but because I was able to watch the beauty play out in front of me. The colors and lighting, angles and craftsmanship all mastered in this 4 minute 52 second video. My wedding was exactly 3 months and 3 days ago, and little glances and unspoken words that I thought were forgotten are not stuck in time. I can relive emotions again and again without going through the drama of actually planning the wedding.

As I noted, it has been some time since my wedding was actually filmed and that line, patience is a virtue, was used more than once in my apartment these past few months. My cramped Hoboken 1 bedroom was not big enough for my husbands nagging about the arrival of our film. It was a relief to surprise him at the door yesterday evening! All the waiting and practiced patience was beyond worth it.

Many people toy with spending money on all the big ‘extras’ for their wedding, I,too, was one of those brides. I heard the lines many times before: ‘it’s too expensive, it’s not worth it,you’ll only enjoy it the first time.’ Those people could not have been any more wrong. My father could barely contain his emotions, even after watching it for the 3rd time! From the photographs to the flowers and now finally to the video, my heart has stopped many times. It is breathtaking to know that while I may never walk down the aisle again, I only have to press play to relive it.

No longer patiently waiting,


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