New Portrait Films!

By March 9, 2012News

We currently have a gap of space between weddings, which has allowed us to take the time to edit some recent portrait films – four in one week! It was pretty awesome to work from couple to couple and see how different their stories were, adapting each video to each story. Here’s a brief description of each couple and their videos.

Dana + Chris: Chris is a die-hard Patriots fan and Dana a die-hard Giants fan. I’m sure this made for an incredible Superbowl party this year. They account the 2007 Superbowl as well as their engagement in Chicago.

Rob + Tara: Rob is a professional TNA wrestler and Tara an esteemed fitness instructor. This one was a lot of fun to put together, loads of energy and excitement.

Yesenia + Mynor: Super cute couple exploring the history of their relationship, friends turned fiances. They discuss their engagement in Rockefeller Center as well as their hopes for the future.

Elizabeth + Nick: There was so much great dialogue from the kids that it was hard to choose the cuts for this film. Elizabeth and Nick have such a beautiful story of faith told through their Youth Ministry program.

Today is also the last day to vote for our first Hall Of Fame couple – go to our Facebook page and like the video of the couple you want to vote for. The winning couple will receive a special gift from us.

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