PF Films pays it ‘Forward’

By May 15, 2013News

This year will have marked the best year in PF Films history. When I started the company I had no expectations as to what would happen. I am so honored to have filmed some of the most amazing weddings for some of the greatest people ever! I can’t thank everyone that chose us, referred us, and continue to support as we grow. It means everything to me.At the end of last year I was able to film a lot of material for a project called ‘Be The Jersey Shore.’ We had no idea what we were doing with it, but just knew we belonged there. Our YouTube video gained a lot of support, and quite a few Twitter followers! Seeing my beloved Jersey Shore in the state it was in left me truly devastated. I wanted to do whatever I could to help. We still have lots of wonderful filmed material of heroic people and their stories that have yet to be unearthed!

PF Films is doing something it has never done. We are giving away a Free Wedding Film. Any couple getting married in any area affected by Sandy is welcome to apply for a chance to receive a free Portrait Film, Feature Film, and Same Day Edit.

How does it work? Tell us ‘their’ story.

We are looking for anyone reading this to nominate their friends or family members that are in need of a wedding video, that has been affected by the storm.
Please record a 3-5 Minute video telling us how Hurricane Sandy affected their wedding, life or plans. Send those to
From there we will select a hand full and post them on our Facebook page. The couple with the most likes wins the package. It is that simple.

Spread the word, and get your videos recorded.

Weddings should be for the 2013/2014 Wedding Season and are based upon availability.

Peter Ferriero

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