Second Hall Of Fame Couple Inducted

By March 21, 2012Hall Of Fame, News

So I did this awesome film for my cousin Amy. I expected nothing out of it. Than along came Tori, and she would be the driving force behind the birth of PF Films. I never would of thought that. As I spent the day with them I could see the strong bonds among her family. I could feel that her dad (who is not an actor!) really loved his family. But, I still had no idea that he would deliver such an amazing father of the bride toast. And the moment Mike starts crying during the wedding, wow! Couldn’t ask for a better story. But, beyond that you couldn’t ask for two nicer people. Still to this day we have people come to us because they saw Tori’s Shoe story. It’s a classic. To be quite honest it was Tori & Mike’s film that made me want to create a Hall Of Fame for the couples that did so much for me as I was growing. I love them, I love their family, and still love this film. For all of this we are sending Tori & Mike to one of my favorite NYC restaurants, Johnathan Waxman’s Barbuto!

From Tori and Mike:
“Hi Peter! Everything is fantastic with Mike and I. We are enjoying married life, and about to celebrate our 2nd anniversary in a couple months! Since the wedding, I have started a new job for an amazing company, and yes, still working in shoes. We have sold our place in Hoboken and are searching for the perfect NJ neighborhood for our family, as Baby Naselli is expected in September. Our entire family is beyond ecstatic! The true star of our highlight film is my dad, who is also doing well. He has the best life lessons to teach and has set such an outstanding example for Mike and I to live by. We cannot thank you enough for the beautiful work you have done for us. You are a true artist and have great intuition. We were blown away by how you captured everything that is important to our family and put it into a few minutes of highlights. It was such a pleasure to work with you. All our best, Mike and Tori”

(picture above: Wedding Day 5/30/10, picture left: present day)

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