Shannon + Matt “Never Letting You Go”

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I’m not sure if I laughed or cried more during this film. Either way I was left with my fiancé staring at me asking if I was okay. Between Shannon’s parent’s pure love and affection for their new son and the reading of her old emails to her maid of honor during their first few weeks together, I was left a complete blubbering mess. Shannon’s smile was absolutely contagious, I couldn’t help but feel the love radiating through my computer screen between her and Matt. The line that left my keyboard drenched was when her father said, “He stole her away.” – but after hearing what a heartwarming letter Matt wrote her I don’t think she could have found a better man.
Since I wasn’t present for their big day I just had to ask this amazing couple just a few questions:
Q’s for Shannon:
How did Matt propose – did you see it coming?
He proposed at home– I thought we were just getting take out- little did I know! He played our favorite song by Michael Buble-Everything. He had secretly planned a dinner that night with both our families to celebrate :). He also secretly planned a trip to Fort Lauderdale that was leaving the next day! Such a great trip to celebrate our engagement! I didn’t see it coming at all!
What was your favorite part of your wedding – besides getting married of course.
There was so many special and memorable parts of our day- I would have to say being around all the people that we love and care about who were there to celebrate “us”. The venue was perfect and exactly as I envisioned. It all came together perfectly and having the pictures/video to capture it is amazing.
Did you have any idea your MOH was going to pull out old emails?
Haha NO! not at all. That was was such a great idea on her part though! I remember writing those emails like it was yesterday. It was funny to hear how giddy in love I was (and still am 😉 ).
What was your biggest splurge for your wedding day – looking back was it worth it?
Honestly, I’d have to say the video by PF films. We were on the fence about getting a video because we thought the pictures would be enough footage. The pictures are amazing, but they are also still. The video shoots us right back to the day and shows how every little detail played out. I’m obsessed with it and it was totally worth it.
Did you have a “must be filmed moment” – if so what was it?
I hadn’t expressed a ” must be filmed moment”, but I knew I wanted my dad and I walking down the aisle and Matt seeing me for the first time. I also knew I wanted us getting ready in the morning before the ceremony/reception. That was all obviously filmed and it came out amazing! I hadn’t thought about it at the time, but my grandparents and parents are filmed a lot throughout the video. I think this is so special and it’s awesome that I’ll have them on video forever.

Q’s for Matt:

As the guy, did you have any “must haves”?

Not really – maybe having the ceremony in a church – I think that’s the classiest way for Catholics to marry – Other than that – just keeping my bride happy!

How did you know she was the one? Was it a specific moment in time or gradual inkling?

I would have to say gradual inkling – topped off during our 4th of July vacation in 2011 – We were just having so much fun together during different activities and spending time together that i wanted it to continue forever!

What did you have the biggest deciding factor in? (Venue, clothing, dessert? …etc).

I think I helped out a lot in the wedding planning, but I was most concerned with having the reception at a nice venue.  Other than that, once again, whatever made Shannon happy, I was ok with.

Written by: Lauren

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