Sheera + Zack “Stay Silly”

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I don’t even know where to begin with Zack and Sheera. Every detail of their wedding was absolutely awe-inspiring.  Her bouquet was simply stunning with white anemones, snap dragons and peach garden roses. Her hair was flawlessly effortless but stunning all the same with soft curls. Their venue couldn’t have been more perfect at The Roundhouse in Beacon Falls. The railroads, bridges and moving water made for perfect scenic backgrounds for both still film and cinematography.  But what I loved more than anything about this wedding was the uncommonly personal touch of having one of their best friends officiate their wedding.

“Probably the biggest thing that I knew I wanted from the beginning was that I wanted a friend to officiate our wedding to make it personal.  Sheera was totally on board with that, but we had to convince our parents.  We eventually compromised and had both a friend and a cantor officiate and everyone was really happy with it.

Some great advice I can give a couple is to go with your gut. Everyone else might think your ideas seem a little off the wall at first – but the most important thing is that your wedding needs to be about the two of you. So my motto is, “GO FOR IT!” I also have to give Sheera the gold medal for having her groom be part of the planning process as much as he was. I don’t think I know any other groom who had as much influence as Zack. Sometimes guys can think of some great original ideas since they haven’t been tainted from a million wedding blogs or Pinterest boards.

I actually had more input than most grooms.  I actually designed most of the invitation myself.  We got engaged at the Bedford Post Inn and they had these really cool coasters in the room that looked like vintage stamps.  I knew Sheera loved that stuff, so I told her to keep one as a model for the invite and then I made a design off that.  I wrote most of the ceremony.  I also picked all of the music, which I think is a typical groom’s job, for some reason.

I had to ask Zack a few more questions just because he was so dang cute on film I knew his answers would be a hoot! Be sure to read below for a few giggles and heart flutters.

As the guy, did you have any “must haves”?

I had a couple of smaller, stupid “must haves” like, for example, I really didn’t want to wear a white shirt, even though several people told me I should.  But I think I ended up looking prett-y cool!  I waged a battle against the Hora, but we ended up doing it and my friends actually dropped me.  So, that’s what you get when you try to have must-haves as a groom.

How did you know she was the one? Was it a specific moment in time or gradual inkling?I can’t really recall a specific moment in time when I knew she was the one.  I remember the time I first saw Sheera and I thought she was the cutest girl I had ever seen.  And I remember when we first started dating I was totally obsessed with her.  I think we saw each other every day for the first month we were dating.  But after that, we just kind of became this couple and I realized I never wanted to be apart from her.  So to answer your question:  gradual inkling.

What part of the planning process did you enjoy the most?The end!  Seriously, planning was generally not that fun.  Super time consuming, you have to make tons of compromises to keep everyone happy, and everything costs more than it should.  In the end though, it was all TOTALLY worth it.  Our wedding weekend was ridiculously fun and romantic and meaningful and special and all of the crazy planning Sheera did really paid off in the end.

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