Spotlight: Mikey B of Posh Entertainment

By October 25, 2012News

Here at PF Films, we not only provide you with amazing films, but a helping hand when wedding planning can get a little tricky. We love to be involved in your wedding every step of the way! Having participated on over 200 weddings. We are often asked for advice or our personal recommendations. This is why we aim to use to our blog as your go-to for wedding planning and are excited to put the spotlight on some of our favorite venues, photographers, wedding planners, DJs, makeup artists and so on. Having worked with these businesses in the past, we are confident in their first-rate service and amazing work.

This week we put the spotlight on one of our favorite DJs, Mikey B of award winning Posh Entertainment.

With over 11 years of experience and appearances on shows like “The Real Housewives of NJ”, Posh Entertainment is place to contact if you want to pack your dance floor. Here’s what Mikey B had to say about his work:

 What makes an amazing wedding?

The crowd.  When the crowd is pumped up and excited, it makes our job so much more fun and helps us take the wedding to the next level of excitement.  

What couples are you generally drawn to?  

We offer the “non-traditional” wedding experience.  Most of our clients are sick of the group dancing (electric slide, YMCA..).  We tell them that there will be no “gimmicks” or “toy hand outs”  at their wedding.  Our clients are typically younger and just want to dance all night. 

Why did you choose your field?  

All of our POSH DJs have a love for music and enjoy making people dance.  There’s no better feeling than hosting the best night of someone’s life.

 What would you like to see more of or change within your field?  

I’d like to see more couples really understand why DJ Entertainment is so important to a successful wedding.  I feel too many people take our work for granted.

What are some important questions that you feel each couple should ask when picking Djs?  

How much experience they have, reviews and the most important question, “How will you pack my dance floor?”

Did you have any particular wedding/couple that influenced you in your career?  

I feel as though every wedding influences my career, every week I’m learning something new.  After 13 years in the business, bride’s still find a way to be unique and are constantly surprising me with new ideas.  The most important thing is to adapt to the times and not get stale.

Thanks Mikey B!

Happy Wedding Planning Everybody!



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