The LuvFlix Hall Of Fame

By March 5, 2012News

PF Films presents The LuvFlix Hall Of Fame

We have filmed quite a few weddings over the years. We do often get the question whatever happened to this one or that one. So we are creating the LuvFlix Hall Of Fame! Every year we will ‘induct’ some couples from any year to be a part. In this we will revisit where they are now and look back on their Films! Additionally the couples chosen will receive a very special gift.

This year we are starting off with a bang. We have pre-selected three couples to be in! The final two spots will be determined by you via Facebook! At our Facebook page we will be posting candidates for the final two spots. The one that gets the most likes will win. Voters must like the PF Films page as well.

Next week tune back to the blog to find out who are first pre-selected inducted couple is! And March 7 over at our Facebook page we will have the first 5 to chose from.

This will be fun!
by Peter

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