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By October 8, 2012News

We had the pleasure to meet such an amazing couple for their October 8, 2011 wedding! Their ceremony was held at St. Paul Church in Clifton NJ and followed with a blast of a reception at the Fiesta in Wood-Ridge, NJ. We were curious… What do brides really feel on the WEDDING day? PF Films decided it would be best to highlight Dana Bates to get her opinion. Here is what Dana had to say!!

“It was the night before THE BIG DAY, my alarm was set and like a kid on Christmas morning I was up at 3:45am. Not a snooze button needed as I flew out of bed with anticipation. My fiancé stayed under the covers as I bolted to the living room. I turned on the TV just in time to see Kate Middleton get into a car and begin her journey to becoming a princess. Since I was a little girl, I’ve been captivated by weddings. I love everything about them, and this was going to be the wedding of the year. There is just something about seeing a bride for the first time that gives me chills and Kate did not disappoint. Fast forward….it’s October 8th, my alarm goes off and my eyes open excited that MY BIG DAY had arrived! I rolled over, looked at my maid of honor and said….”Wow, I can’t believe it….but let’s take another 20 minutes”. There is nothing worse than a tired looking bride! Two snoozes later I was up and about, excited that the sun was shining and the NYC skyline looked radiant across the Hudson.  The day seemed so normal and getting ready was surreal; I was surprisingly calm. Around 12:50 someone said “Dana it’s time for you to get in your dress”.  At that moment it really hit me. This is not a friend’s wedding, it’s not Kate Middleton’s wedding, it’s my wedding. My mom zipped me into my sweetheart neck, trumpet style gown and suddenly I was a bride. The planning was done, the dream dress was on, my veil in place and my groom was waiting for me on the other end of the aisle. We went the traditional route, so he had not seen me or known anything about my dress. I could not wait to see him. We chose a gorgeous church with a very long aisle, and now it was finally time to walk down it. There was silence for a moment and as the pipe organ began those powerful first notes of “Wagner’s Bridal Chorus”, I couldn’t hold back my tears. The double doors opened and that moment played out even better than I imagined. My dad walked me and my nearly seven foot train towards Chris. I was overwhelmingly touched by all the familiar faces smiling back at me. Not only was it an emotional journey down the aisle, but an emotional journey leading up to our wedding day. Chris’ father had an emergency heart procedure 3 months prior to our wedding and a week before our big day, he suffered some serious complications. At times we weren’t sure if the wedding would take place. As the day approached he began to improve, however, he was still unable to physically attend our wedding.  Through the power of skype and the iPad, he watched every moment, from the vows to our first dance to Elton John’s “The Way You Look Tonight”. Seeing him wave from the hospital bed was a true reminder that it’s not about the flowers, the linens or the cake, those are merely gorgeous additions to a wedding day.  Weddings are about love, family and friends; and a little champagne! After the cake was cut, our dancing feet were sore and my inconceivably dirty dress was back on the hanger, I realized that to Chris and I, THIS was the wedding of the year. 

Update: my father in law just had his second heart surgery 3 weeks ago. He is now home and doing amazingly well. After a long year, he is looking forward to making a full recovery and getting back to golf in the Spring. Chris and I are heading to Aruba for our 1 year anniversary! ”
PF Films wants to thank Dana and Christopher for such a perfect day and providing the 1st UPDATE FEATURE for our blog! We wish you all the best and enjoy your upcoming vacation!!! 

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