By June 4, 2013News

Hey everyone! So I have a couple updates I’d like to share with you all.  We came up with this awesome idea of ‘live-tweeting’ all the events we do.  Basically what this means is I’m going to be accompanying the PF Films staff to weddings and video shoots and letting you all know how it’s going.  I’ll be updating the Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and all those other social media sites quite frequently with what’s going on, where we are and possibly some messages from the bride and groom!  This is a great way for everyone to check in on how the day is going, especially for loved ones who couldn’t make it to the event.  Keep your eyes open because this Sunday will be the start of this great project!  If this is something you would be interested in for your wedding and have any special requests such as shout outs to your friends and family, do not hesitate to e-mail me with any questions!  You can e-mail me at nicole@pfweddings.com.  Thanks guys!


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