Do your research! a blog by Lauren

April 10th, 2014

imageDo your research. I can’t stress this enough. Not only will this save you time – but also a ton of money.

There are two ways you need to research in order to have your day be the perfect reflection of you. First, you need to research yourself. Settle in with a cup of tea and get to know yourself. Have you started a Pinterest board – you know the secret wedding one you’ve been hoarding gorgeous images on for months now thinking he would hopefully pop the question soon? Well, open up that board and delete it. Those pictures have been done before and are not a reflection of you. They are a reflection of someone else’s dream wedding. Your wedding should not be compilation of a hundred other peoples weddings. You are unique. You are beautiful. You are one of a kind – and so should your wedding.

Look in your closet, what is your overall look? Preppy, romantic, boho, chic, high fashion, comfy, trendy? Amazingly enough your closet can tell a lot about who you are as a person.

When I heard this next piece of advice I thought it sounded a little bit strange but then I realized the genius in it. Joy Thigpen is such an amazingly insightful human being that I just can’t help but keep her advice a secret. Grab a pen, no really… grab a pen – this stuff is like GOLD. We are a list of ongoing words. These words describe who we are, what our souls made up of. Your list can start with just a few, but the more you learn about yourself the more words you’ll have. Don’t use words like, “Romantic.” Romantic means a million different things to a million different people. Be more specific. Romantic can mean: spontaneous, amorous, divine, visionary, unconventional. I think you catch my drift. These words should be the words that describe your wedding.

Don’t expect this process to happen in just a few minutes or even an hour. Take a weekend or heck even a month to dive into yourself and get a good feel for what you’re going for!

Once you get a good grasp on what you’re words are the next step is finding vendors who match your words. I wish I had known this when I started my own wedding planning process. I thought I knew what I was and what I wanted. Six months into planning my event, it has turned into something extremely different from my original plan. Its turned into ME.

Like I said before, I can’t stress this process enough. Picking your vendors is a huge deal. Do some research. I signed on with a photographer that was more than qualified to do the job. She was spunky, fun, lighthearted, and super energetic. I loved her! But as my planning continued and my style changed I realized that our styles were completely different. She had a very vintage feel. Her photographs had a gorgeous blue and purple hue to them, but that just wasn’t me. The second time around, I took my time and searched for a photographer who had the aesthetic I was going for. (I am very much into film photography and the bright airiness that comes along with it.) I ended up signing on with a different photographer and lost my 50% deposit.

There are hundreds of wedding blogs out there that you can literally get lost in for hours. Many of them have vendor guides. Look up websites like Style Me PrettySouthern WeddingsOncewedWeddings Unveiled and The Knot. They are chock full of real weddings that you can see the work that these companies do, not just the work they show on their websites. Don’t just pick the first vendor that you come across. Take some time to really find out who these companies are. Read their reviews, look at their social media like instagram, Facebook and twitter. Lastly, are these companies getting published?

So… go grab that cup of tea and get started!

Welcome our new PF Films Blogger and future Nashville Bride, Lauren!

March 24th, 2014

I’ve been pinching myself lately. And its taken me awhile to realize that no, this is not a dream. The craziness of a life I am living is totally and completely REAL. Over the past few months I have taken on a lot of new roles. I quit my job selling promotional products and started a new one as an insurance coordinator for a plastic surgeon. And on top of that started another job, the job of building my own event planning business called Emerson Events  That’s the dream job of course. I have gotten engaged to the most amazing man in the world (which is the best job I could ask for).  I continue to be a ghost writer for My Bellissima’s blog 2-3 times a month, and now what I am pretty dang excited about is writing for the one and only Peter Ferriero of PF Films.

I thought it would be a great idea to let readers know who I am and the adventures I am happily enduring over the next few months. I am here to offer as much advice as I possibly can as I go through growing pains so brides like yourself can make the best decisions as you go through your wedding planning process.

So who am I? As you can probably tell by now I’m a little crazy, what you may not know is that I’m a whole lot of fun too. I like to think of myself as a Southerner who was born in the wrong place. Born and raised in New Jersey I had an itch to stretch my roots and travel down South. What I didn’t realize is that The South can get a hold of you, a tight hold that goes deep into your soul. It literally becomes a part of your identity and I’ve never been prouder to say, “I am a Tennessean.” I have also turned into a Southern Food Junkie. Mac and Cheese? Yes please. (Which isn’t helping with my wedding diet.)

The most fun I’ve been having over the past few months is connecting with people. Really learning more about them and what makes them tick. Starting your own business really makes you search your soul and learn more about yourself as well. My coworker Sara, who is also engaged probably couldn’t have said it any better, “This year we are in the pursuit of perfection.” Perfection to be the best wife, sister, daughter, friend, cook, listener, and anything else that can make a difference in our lives. And that my friends is what its all about. After the flowers, cake, shoes, and honeymoon we are left with what matters most. Our families.

So here comes the advice: Take this year to prepare yourself to be the best person you can be. No, we will never reach perfection per say. But we can get pretty dang close if we focus on the things unseen. The things that bind hearts and grow relationships. So in my first post I probably gave the best advice I’ll ever give. Strive to be perfect for each other. 

PF Film’s ‘Secret FAQ’

March 17th, 2014
So wait what was the announcement exactly?
PF Films is making several changes starting this summer. First off, we going to be building a new PF Film’s web site ( and App for you mobile device & tablets. These items will be used a place for couples to have personal pages that can store every product PF Films offers from Highlights, Features, Doc-Cut and now Episodes!
Secondly, we are going to be breaking our films from the 25 Minute Feature Film to five, 5 minute episodes. Lastly, we are working strongly to stop producing DVD’s. It truly is an outdated format.
Why Episodes? Can I still get a Feature?
The answer is simple. You have a Highlight Film and share that with everyone. But, most friends and family won’t invest the time to watch a full 15-25 Minute Feature film. We felt that if we created shorter segments based on our same style, that people would get to your page and watch everything. Not only that, but that it would increase the opportunity to share pages, videos, and specific ideas from each of the Episodes.
Yes we still have a full feature package. But, do believe most people will like the new format a lot better!
Will the style change? I really like PF Films the way it is?
For the most part the style will not change too much. I’d say that we will develop more stories with single episodes in mind. We will enhance our interview style, and have talked about doing some post wedding interviews to really mix it up. We are very much looking forward to seeing where this takes us!
My grand parents need a DVD. I really can’t get a DVD?
Ok you can have one. It’s that simple. We are still producing DVD’s for couples that absolutely need them. As time goes further we are moving away from them, and that it will have to be a change that is made in most peoples lives. Apple products have moved away from the medium, and I imagine most will follow suit.
So I won’t have a physical copy of my footage anywhere?
You will! Every couple will receive thumb drives of their Episodes, Highlights, and Doc Cuts.
The creation of this product was designed so that you could be anywhere and share your day with someone.
Can I post my Wedding Photos on there too?
Yes! We absolutely want to work with Photographers, DJ’s, Guests, and all parties to make this page be the one stop to your wedding day. Of course that is not all ironed out yet. But, we for sure would love to do that!
I’m a current PF Films customer for the upcoming 2014 season I want Epsidoes, but have a feature!
You can certainly change it up if you’d like. You can keep it exactly the same if you want to do that too. There is no cost for the change. If you have a 25 minute feature, you get 5, 5 Minute episodes. If you have a 15 minute feature, you get 3, 5 Minute episodes. In addition to your Highlight & Doc Cut if you chose that option.
I’m a previous PF Films customer and would like my stuff broken into Episodes or simply put on-line. Can I do this?
Yes! We’d love to do that for you! Contact us and we’ll see what options we have.
I’m a non PF Films customer and would like our stuff put on-line in one place. Can I do that through PF Films. 
Maybe one day, but not yet.
I don’t really like to talk on video. Do I have to have an episode?
No. We do offer a traditional feature package as well.We will be adding more questions to the FAQ! Please contact for more information.